Hair Parties.

A hair party is similar to a Tupperware® party. It is a social gathering of your friends, family, and co-workers where a party is held in a hostess' home for the purpose of getting hair services performed by professional stylists and products will be offered for sale.

A hair party can often be held in conjunction with other types of social gathering parties, like a purse party, cosmetics party, and the like.

The Stylists.


Jamie is a proud native of the Hickory Hills community. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2000 when she graduated Cameo Beauty Academy. While attending Cameo, Jamie took an internship position with Mario Tricoci. After 6 short months of training, she was promoted to the title of Color/Chemical Specialist. After only a few months, Jamie was asked to educate for Tricoci. She had been instrumental in assisting many young men & woman towards their acclimation in to the industry. In 2002, Jamie was asked to perform makeovers on an episode of the Jenny Jones Show.

After 4 years of dedicated service to the Tricoci company, Jamie decided to broaden her horizons and use her degree in business. After a working for herself for a short period of time, Jamie managed a Great Clips location. She has a proven track record of operating and managing business in the hair care industry.